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Sri Lanka’s Tangalle Riviera is the island’s latest property hotspot

Improved road, rail and air links are set to boost prices Sri Lanka has long seduced adventurous Brits looking for a tropical retreat. They have traditionally headed to tea estates in the misty hills, or to Galle, but as property prices have risen and seafront availability has become scarce, Tangalle has emerged as the new hotspot...

The Sunday Times (UK) 2018-01-28

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Property Demand: Galle vs. Colombo

There is little argument that both Colombo and the city of Galle are two of the most developed urban regions in Sri Lanka. What’s significantly common about these two regions is that they are not just economically developed, but they are also highly celebrated travel destinations that offers so much for locals as well as international travellers. As such, these regions attract a large number of property hunters, who seek high-end residential or commercial properties in or near these two cities.

The Nation Online - 2017-11-18

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Sri Lanka’s Minister for Tourism launches three-year strategic plan

The Rt. Hon. John Amaratunga, Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs on the recent launched the 3 year strategic plan for tourism to position the country as a place for “memorable, authentic and diverse tourism experiences”.

Asia-Pacific Travel Daily News - 2017-11-21

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Sri Lanka could be the next big investment frontier

My team and I recently traveled to Sri Lanka and saw firsthand its great appeal as a tourist draw. We crisscrossed the country by air and by automobile, visiting a few of its cultural attractions and speaking with officials there. Along the way we gained a better understanding of the people and the business climate. While my previous blog focused on our travel experiences as we visited a few historic sites, here my team and I further explore the country’s business and political climate as we seek out potential investment opportunities.

Franklin Templeton Investments 2015-12-17

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Why land tax changes will boost Sri Lanka foreign property demand

The recent Sri Lanka budget brought great news for overseas property investors, as the 15% land leasing tax is being axed for foreigners. At the same time, Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake, announced the approval period for foreign direct investment requests is being cut to 50 days. Previous laws banned foreigners from owning property and real estate leased to non-nationals was subject to 100% tax.

DailyFT Sri Lanka - 2015-12-22

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Why Sri Lanka is the hottest new destination for investors

Sri Lanka is a languid sort of place. It is a tropical island where life is lived more slowly, the toothy smiles are wide, the coconut palms hang heavy and low in the heat, the beds are framed by wafting mosquito nets, and long ceiling fans whir in a lazy attempt to offer a breeze. This is a country where you leave your flip-flops by the door, fireflies pattern the inky evening air and the chief worry is about monkeys ransacking your bedroom — as the warning signs at Ellerton, a holiday home and genteel boutique hotel, testify.

The Times (UK) - 2014-12-14

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Ten reasons to invest in Sri Lanka

From an investor's point of view, the case for Sri Lanka is getting strong. In the rear view mirror, yet still lurking and causing hesitation for some, are the Sri Lankan Civil War that ended in 2009 and the market bubbles that followed the war's end through 2011. While there are risks to investing anywhere, Sri Lanka has one of the best cases for an economy with the stars aligned in its favor.

Forbes Asia - 2014-10-30

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