The Hermitage

$300 - $1500    Per Night
place BEDROOMS : 3
room  SLEEPS : 6

Set amidst six acres of natural forest, The Hermitage is a property which is difficult to match. Magically poised on the edge of the Victoria Reservoir, the property is populated by 41 species of birds including the near extinct grey parrot, numerous monkeys, wild boar, deer and a variety of lizards.

Located along the edge of the Victoria Reservoir with a water frontage of more than one kilometre and spread over an area of Six acres of Virgin forest, The Hermitage is positioned 2103 feet above sea level with an average temperature of 25c.  It is located on the site of an ancient Hermitage where the monks used to grow the many medicinal herbs and plants which are still used in the kitchen to turn out healthy dishes for the body and soul and to make massage oils according to centuries old recipes.

Built by world renowned architect Channa Daswatte with interiors ably designed by Thanuj Guanawardene, the property has been designed in a manner that every room and living space has breath-taking views of the Reservoir and the misty mountains beyond. The building is not air- conditioned as it is open to the environment around and benefits from the healthy mountain air blowing from the Hunnasgiriya Range.

Every one of the three bedrooms in the property has been specially designed and equipped with all modern amenities to ensure maximum luxury. All bedrooms are furnished with supersized king beds luxury. The property also has a spa and an infinity pool which seemingly spills into the abundant forest.

Days at The Hermitage are filled with bird songs and sounds of animals, setting the background for the never ending spectacle of seabirds over the blue turquoise reservoir. Nights are serene and quiet with the moon reflected in the water and hundreds of oil lamps complimenting the peaceful atmosphere.

Enjoy the lifestyle of an era gone by, and experience the peace and serenity only The Hermitage can offer.