2023 Market Outlook
To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

The political turmoil of the first half of 2022 understandably has had an impact on the property market, however from an investors point of view that impact has not been negative, far from it. Comparing like for like, Sri Lankan property has long been far more affordable than in other South East Asian countries and is now even more so. That combined with an IMF deal in the final stages of negotiation and tourist dollars once more boosting our foreign exchange reserves, makes this a great time to be purchasing in Sri Lanka. Indeed, we are seeing a small spike as buyers complete before property prices start to climb again and exchange rates become less favourable.

And to answer the question…  according to our resident real estate guru, Ivan Robinson, right now is indisputably the best time to invest in Sri Lankan property since 2010.  And as many of you can attest, Ivan is not one prone to wild statements!