All you need is vision…. and LRE

In contrast to what you may see when browsing property websites in Europe or the USA, you will notice that a lot of our listings are for “bare land”. Rather than being seen as a daunting prospect, here is example of how vision, creative energy, and a little help from Lanka Real Estate, transformed a scrubby parcel of beachfront jungle into a luxurious boutique hotel.

In 2018 the land was a nondescript rectangle of overgrown jungle, remarkable only for its sublime location. The current owners purchased it from LRE with plans to create what is now Halcyon Mawella, a ten-bedroomed, cabana-style hotel fronting on to the golden sands of Mawella Beach.

As is often the case, LRE’s involvement did not stop once the ink on the transfer deed was dry. Whilst the new owners were the driving force behind the project which included commissioning bespoke fabrics, furniture, and tiles, we stepped in at various points of the journey, using our extensive local knowledge and contacts to deliver specialist services. These included gaining all the necessary planning/building permits, negotiating a “set-back” for the pool allowing it to be within 10m of the beach, and perhaps our crowning glory (pun intended) we were responsible for building the distinctive thatched roofs using local craftsmen.

Halcyon opened in 2022 and quickly established itself as a go-to destination for both accommodation and casual dining. Its restaurant, with a carefully curated menu of fusion dishes and bespoke cocktails, is open year round to non-residents. Do check it out!