Buying a Sri Lankan property

We are often asked about the laws around foreigners buying real estate in Sri Lanka as many people have heard that “foreigners are not allowed to own property”.  As with so many things over here, the reality is not quite so cut and dried…

Since 2013 foreigners have had their ability to own freeholds restricted but the laws are gradually being relaxed and, at the time of writing, foreigners can own the freehold of any property in a managed development where the individual properties benefit from shared facilities – this includes apartment blocks, resort developments and condominiums.

For all other properties – lands, villas, hotels – foreigners can hold a rolling 99 year lease in their own name, or, more commonly, buy through a minority owned company with a local majority shareholder.  Either option is completely secure and uncomplicated to arrange – especially with our office full of experts here to hold your hand every step of the way.