Renting a villa – what to expect
For family or friendship groups especially, renting a holiday villa is the best accommodation choice for a Sri Lankan holiday. Incredibly cost effective when compared to a hotel but with the priceless addition of absolute privacy. No sharing the pool or having to get up early to bag a sunbed!
So what should you expect? The main difference compared with renting villas and houses in Europe is that almost all Sri Lankan villas will come with a full staff to attend to your every need: from housekeeping your rooms and doing the washing-up to fixing your drinks as well as acting as concierges to organise transport, visits from masseurs or yoga teachers and everything else that you need for a dream holiday.

There will usually be a private chef to cook to prepare your meals. Some villas operate a la carte menu systems but most charge for food on a cost+ basis. This allows you to discuss your menu requirements with chef who will cook to your desires – subject to the availability of ingredients of course – and you will simply be charged the cost of the groceries plus a percentage handling charge. Gourmet meals at café prices.

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