When every journey is a safari
Sri Lanka is famed for its abundant wild elephant population and taking a safari in one of our many beautiful National Parks is an absolute “must do” for any visitor.  Oftentimes however, safaris have a habit of coming to you as anyone who has ever travelled inland roads will tell you. “Do not feed the elephants” warning notices are, in some parts of the island, the most frequently seen road sign and signal the type of four legged road user you may encounter around the next bend.

Over in Yala, a particular bull-elephant, Raja, has been busking on the road side under a particular tree – Raja’s tree – for as long as anyone can remember.  But beware, if you do stop your vehicle be sure that you have a bunch of bananas to throw to him else you may find yourself rolled!


This photograph was taken by our very own Ivan Robinson on a recent trip to take clients to view some land.

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