The pleasures of the daily shop

Of the many and several fabulous things about living in Sri Lanka, the food markets are a sensory delight; mazes of stalls piled high with colourful, fresh, tropical fruit and veg alongside vendors selling fragrant spices by the kilo.

Although it is a small island, Sri Lanka is blessed with a diverse climate so as well as the expected exotic produce that thrives in tropical conditions, the temperate hills of hill country produce the more familiar root and salad vegetables and soft fruits. Visit any market and see beetroot, carrots, potatoes and strawberries next to bitter gourd, mangos, pineapples and papaya. Shopping is typically done daily so not only do we have the luxury of the freshest produce, we can also be sure that whether it came from the hills or the coast, it has probably travelled no more than 100 miles from field to plate.

Pictured is Chef Antony of Satori Villa – one of our many beautiful rental properties –  checking out the wood apples in Galle Market.

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