Superb ten acres in Ella with luxury resort concept plans


place Ella

size 10 acres

Attractive ten acre plot with concept plans for a stunning and unique luxury resort. It is located within walking distance of Kithaella Station on Sri Lanka’s most famous scenic stretch of track. The land itself is well maintained and offers varied topography with grassland and wooded areas. Its elevation provides fabulous views down to the railway, across to waterfalls, and out over the mountains and over to the plains. It is convenient for Ella Town itself and all the major sights including Nine Arch Bridge, Ravenna Falls, Little Adam’s Peak and of course Ella Rock.

Ella is one of Sri Lanka’s must-visit tourist destinations with a year-round season and wide range of activities and sights from zip-lining to tea plantation visits.

Please note that the map pin is approximate and should not be assumed to mark the exact location of the property