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Are foreigners missing out on investing in Sri Lankan real estate?

South Asia's emerald isle looks to attract foreign investors with luxury developments and long overdue changes to ownership laws. Article by George Styllis from issue 148 of PropertyGuru Property Report Magazine including opinion from Lanka Real Estate's Ivan Robinson.

Property Guru 2018-10-26

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The call of Galle: Sri Lankan homes in demand since end of war

The price of homes along the country’s southern coast have rapidly increased since the end of civil conflict in 2009. “We love Galle because it combines something of the charm of a Mediterranean, medieval town with the exotic, tropical landscape,” says Hamish Macdonald, a British expat with property in Colombo and Galle. “The beaches are beautiful.”

Real Estate Success In Sri Lanka With Ivan Robinson

Ivan Robinson of Lanka Real Estate has been in the real estate business in Sri Lanka since 2002. Before relocating to Sri Lanka, 48-year-old Mr. Robinson previously worked as a real estate agent in his native London and then the Cote D’Azur. Between 1996 and 2002, he visited Sri Lanka every year on holiday before the country finally wooed him into moving there. He exchanged 23 years of life selling real estate on the French Riviera for life in Sri Lanka, and he says with a grin, “it’s better.”

Forbes Asia 2014-06-02

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